What to do when you need help but don’t want to give up control
Karen Hearne
Friday, December 05, 2014

Is having control of your department important to you? It is to me. A key player in my department has retired or is on extended leave. We have a new project and need skilled resources temporarily and just don’t have them. Service is suffering in one area or another and my phone is ringing off the wall. I keep reading about new technology that we just don’t have the time or expertise to deploy. The list could go on and on and on… I’d really like to get help for the things that are keeping me awake at night and making my days miserable, but I sure don’t want to give up control of my department or go through a months-long analysis with an outsourcing provider.

Are there other ways to solve this?

Conventional wisdom suggests two ways to solve this problem: either get some temporary consulting help or take the plunge and outsource the entire function. Neither of these seem like a good fit for some trouble areas. We are seeing more and more companies who are looking to have someone provide a service, “selective sourcing,” while they retain full control of their data center. Help desk services, 24x7 job schedule monitoring, technical support – the list goes on and on. How about looking at getting someone else to manage that component of the environment that’s giving you this pain? This does not have to be an all or nothing proposition.

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