Cloud Native Applications

Scalability and operational consistency to reduce costs and enhance support.

Ensure The Scalability and Operational Consistency of Your Cloud Native Applications.

We use AWS and Azure services alongside configuration management tools so we not only meet your end-user demand — we optimize for all your business needs.



Your development team relies on cloud native applications to deliver software at scale quickly, consistently and reliably. In order to maximize the benefits of cloud native computing, you need a responsive managed services partner who delivers automation and scalability while reducing costs and supporting your developers.

Ensono’s managed services for cloud native applications are optimized for your business outcome. Our services are a natural fit for highly scalable and highly changeable web-facing applications that underpin e-business or digital activities.

Your cloud native application management service benefits include:

  • Flexible, on-demand services from a leading Azure and AWS-certified partner

  • AWS and Azure enablement
  • Automated scale-out and scale-back in response to business demand
  • Support DevOps and continuous integration

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