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Accelerate your AWS cloud migration

Your business deserves a seamless and uninterrupted journey to the cloud beginning with Ensono, an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we will have a team of expert engineers, architects and consultants to help you plan, design, and deploy your migration to AWS.

Assess and Analyze

We will work with your team through a discovery workshop that analyzes your current environment, identifying workload and application dependencies.

Design and Deploy

Our certified experts design the AWS environment according to your security, compliance and technical requirements for faster deployments.

Plan outline and Execute Your Migration


Once the landing zone is deployed, we are ready for the first workload to be migrated. This initial “pilot” application allows us to outline the migration approach.

Migrate the application using the determined strategy, identifying and overcoming any challenges that emerger 

Plan outline and Execute Your Migration

So we’ve completed a successful pilot migration into your new AWS environment— what’s next?

Migration Planning

Based on detailed analysis of your pilot migration, we create a customized plan for migrating the remaining workloads to AWS.

Migration Execution

Migration execution follows a proven protocol Ensono has developed through managing complex cloud migrations for a multitude of clients across industry verticals. Applications are migrated according to the pre-determined category: